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Iranian Kush

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Genetics: Iranian x OG Kush
Cultivation: Indoor/outdoor
80% Indica / 20% Sativa
Flowering Time: 50 – 55 days
Outdoors: Ready Sept 10 - 15th
Yield: 160g - 200g per plant

Iranian Kush - A cross between 2 legends in Iranian and OG Kush that speak for themselves. This vigorous but stout plant has an abundance of buds from top to bottom covered in sticky resin. Another great yielder, this mold resistant work horse gets the job done! THC ranges between 20-22%.
Ready Outdoors: Sept 15th
Indoors: 50-55 days.

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5 reviews for Iranian Kush

  1. East Coast Grow Tents

    #Growoff2 me and the group loved this strain did great in the tent and outdoors. My yield was 200g a big beautiful bush of frosty buds. Very nice Indica that’s grows easy with little to no issues. I recommend this strain for sure.

  2. Laura roden (verified owner)

    I bought a pack these seeds shipping was quick reasonable price but the seeds were very small and light coloured not mature looking only one germinated and befor u ask yes I did it exactly as they instructed and I have germinated many seeds in my life

  3. A. Silver

    Grew this outdoor in Nova Scotia. East Coast Grow Tents growoff. Started seed 3 June, moved outside 24 June. Seed took 24hrs to crack. Grew in ProMix HP, Dr. Earth’s Natural Wonder, worm castings , kelp meal &Perlite. 30 gallon fabric pot. Plant grew very quickly. Got bushy at first, then stretched out in mid August. Mine looked Sativa dominate compared to others in the grow off, my leaves we’re long & thin. Buds were fast and stacked. Very dense with just a few leaves to trim. Mine wasn’t fully ripe 15 Sep as the description says, so let it go longer. Unfortunately, I did get a bit of botrytis on Iranian Kush( not as bad as some other strains I had outdoor)and chopped it before I felt it was done. I did get over 250g from the one plant, so yield is as described. Smoke is nice, fast acting, long lasting. I will be growing this again, already have the seeds. Definitely want to try some other EC Genetics strains too! 😉

  4. Laura roden (verified owner)

    I bought these seeds as stated above they didn’t germ at first but then 3 of them did I emailed ec saying they didn’t so they sent me more seeds revived them quick again but was wrong strain but I am glad to deal with a honest company and the Iranian og kush looking great

  5. eastCoastDank (verified owner)

    easy to clone and i really like the vigorous growth. I grew a bunch outside in 25 gallon pots. I did harvest some mid Sept, and let some go a few more weeks, i should have let them all go until oct 1st. Smoke was only ok, but i wouldn’t run her again.

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